This whole Roseanne mess had been a) sad, b) infuriating, c) fascinating, d) tragic, e) all of the above or f) has brought about a return of the Benson Show Quickie.I think I'd add another option, depressing, to this, too. Every time anything stupid happens, social media confirms just how many people are, at best, clueless.

Plenty of condemnations, but also an amazing amount of childish responses, along the lines of "Well, so and so did it, too." I guess social media proves that a lot of "adults" couldn't wait to get away from their parents so they could use that exact excuse, because you know good and well, that "so and so did it, too" wouldn't have gotten past Mom or Dad.

Unfortunately real life is not a computer, because right about now, I'd like to do a good, hard reboot on our society. Ain't gonna happen, I know, but, boy oh boy, we could sure use one.

But as I said, all this has prompted the return of the Benson Show Quickie.

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