Talk is cheap when the story is good. Folks in and outside of Schoolcraft all seem to be in the know, but now we have something official. Has Bud's Bar in Schoolcraft been sold? Well, not yet. Though someone is "kicking the tires and sniffing the armpits."

Here's the scoop from an insider, Village Manager Cheri Lutz:

Good Afternoon! I want to take a quick minute to talk about Bud's Bar. There are many stories going around town about whether or not it has been purchased, will re-open, etc. To date, Bud's Bar has NOT been purchased. There IS an interested party BUT, they have not signed a purchase agreement.When I get the official word one way or another, I will be sure to post it on Facebook. I know all of us are anxious to see Bud's Bar back up and running. Cheri M. Lutz, Village Manager -via Schoolcraft's Facebook page.

The comments section has mixed reaction. Several women commented on past good times. Several men mentioned the need to remodel and one used the word "dump".

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