Yes, I thought it, too. But stop with the jokes. The Detroit Lions have tweeted out an all-call for a Madden Tournament on November 3rd.

The first thing that caught my attention was the date. November 3rd is a Sunday. Most NFL games are on a Sunday. Again, an opening for a joke. But I checked the schedule and the Lions do play that day, but in Oakland and at 4pm ET.

What this is for those who don't know. It's a tournament for Madden Football game from EA Sports. E-sports have grown to the level where now even WMU has a facility for them.

The Madden 19 Championship Series (MCS) is the name given to the qualification season for the Madden Bowl. The season is made up of EA Major events, each with a different roster-building format and qualification process. - EA Sports

The National Football League, which is nothing if not about making billions of dollars, has embraced this and the Lions logo and organization is tied to this event on November 3rd. If you want to participate, here's a link.

The Madden tournament news comes days after Lions legend Barry Sanders was at Ford Field consulting on player ratings for son Barry J's employer, EA Sports.

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