With Kalamazoo temps so low, we need to protect ourselves.

The best way to stay safe in these bitter temperatures, is to dress for the weather. Maybe you hate wearing a hat, but it is great idea if you want to keep your ears safe and your core body temp up.

Dress For The Cold:

  • If doing strenuous outdoor activities, avoid wearing cotton.  Once wet, cotton takes a long time to dry
    and will sap your heat. Use synthetic fabrics that wick moisture from your skin and dry quickly.
  • Outer garments should be tightly woven, water repellent, and hooded.
  • Wear a hat, because 40%of your body heat can be lost from your head.
  • Cover your mouth to protect your lungs from extreme cold.
  • Mittens, snug at the wrist, are better than gloves.
  • Try to stay dry and out of the wind.Your vehicle's winter survival kit should include warm clothes, boots, blankets, flashlight with extra batteries, candy bars or ceral bars.  
  • Always carry a charged cell phone and tell others of your travel plans.

As much as kids and pets want to play in the snow, even bundled up, it is not a safe idea. According to weather.gov.com

A wind chill of -20° Fahrenheit (F) will cause frostbite in just 30 minutes.

That is not much time before you are in danger of being seriously injured. So bundle up and hang tight till the spring.

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