Given the recent heat waves west Michigan has been experiencing, it's no wonder locals are looking for places to cool off. Though summer has only just officially begun, counties across west Michigan have seen heat indices of well over 100 degrees over the last couple weeks.

Naturally, Otsego residents are beginning to wonder what the status of the proposed splash pad is? In the local Allegan County Informed group, member Angie Boot asked,

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Hey just wondering what happened to them putting a splash pad in Otsego?

As I've only recently moved back to west Michigan myself, I hadn't heard of any recent development plans for a splash pad in Otsego, so I decided to do some looking into it.

Back in 2018 the community development organization Otsego Main Street announced their Riverfront Redevelopment plan. The website for the volunteer-driven organization says, "We share a deep-rooted love for Otsego, an affection for its history, and a passion for creating a fun, economically vibrant and visually compelling downtown at the heart of this place we call home."

True to their word, the plans for the Riverwalk Redevelopment include a new pavilion, kayak launch, sheltered ice rink, future famer's market space, and a splash pad! With Phase I of the project appearing to have been completed, what about the splash pad?

In March 2021 Otsego Main Street confirmed that while a splash pad remained in their redevelopment plans, the organization had not yet determined what would be finalized as part of Phase II. Commenting via Facebook the group said,

We are aware of the excitement surrounding the splash pad and it remains a possibility. We hope to announce our plans for the next phase in the coming months and we look forward to sharing it with you!

Though there hasn't been much as far as an official update from Otsego Main Street, it appears as though some locals may have some insight.

Just this week Melanie Woods wrote,

There was a Main Street meeting about river front plans earlier this year. A splash pad is probably the #1 desire of the community judging from public comment...It’s definitely coming, just not as quickly as we all hoped!

Lauri Krueger added, 

It is something that is indeed included in the master plan that was designed many years ago, but something of that nature is very costly...Hopefully someday.

After seeing how much the community has enjoyed the splash pad that was recently added to the riverfront in my hometown of Allegan, I can see why Otsego residents are eager for one themselves! Despite the current economic circumstances, hopefully plans for Otsego's splash pad will begin moving forward soon.

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