Last November, we told you about the idea to create a great summer attraction for kids living on Battle Creek's Northside.  They were still raising funds, we were mired in the middle of the pandemic, and starting a long winter, and the idea seemed a long way off.'s here!

Back then, Splashpad committee member Jeff Breedlove told us there were in the home stretch of fund raising, and told us what the Splashpad would be.

“This is a 1600 square-foot concrete pad that has water jets coming out of it.  We’re going to have a 17-foot-tall giraffe, and also a tall palm tree and a water zebra-cannon and all these will be shooting out water for the kids to play in.  It’ll have a timer on it and come on in the morning and turn off around 6pm.  It only turns on when kids are there to play and push a button for water to start coming out of the different features”.

He said the idea has been around for a little while.  Neighborhood Planning Council #2 put the plan in motion.  Support has come from many places, including about 700 Facebook friends, the Battle Creek Community Foundation, City of Battle Creek and the Battle Creek Police Department.  They also got matching funds from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)

The new attraction was officially opened on Saturday, July 10th, 2021, almost exactly 47 years since Claude Evans Park opened.  Evans was Battle Creek's first black dentist and a renowned community leader.  He died in 1963. The park was dedicated in July of 1974, and re-dedicated in July of 1992.

Battle Creek's Michael Delaware worked on the project, and donated to it.   He also came out and made a video of the event, which you can see below.  Here are some photos that Michael took.


Wet Safari Splash Pad Grand Opening

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