Sojourner Truth, the abolitionist and women's suffrage pioneer, who lived for many years and is buried in Battle Creek, could one day grace the license plates of cars across Michigan.

The group behind the future Sojourner Truth Museum in Battle Creek is working with the Michigan Secretary of State to create a new Sojourner Truth license plate. Start up costs for a new fundraising plate are $15,000 and the group has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to help raise the start-up costs.

According to the GoFundMe page,

A bill introduced in 2015 by State Rep. Dr. John Bizon could put Sojourner Truth on Michigan license plates.

Under the bill --which has been referred to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee-- funds raised from the plate will be used to fund a future Sojourner Truth Museum.

Truth, a former slave who went on to become a famed abolitionist and advocate for women’s rights, is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery. She moved to Battle Creek in 1857.

The license plate would support the creation of the Sojourner Truth Museum.

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