A small lawn service company in Kalamazoo is now offering a reward for information leading to their stolen lawn mowers.

M&C Lawn Services is a family owned company that provides lawn service to both residential and commercial properties in the Kalamazoo area. However, in a recent Facebook post they revealed that their brand new lawn mowers and trailer were stolen in the middle of the night earlier this week.

The most disheartening part of the post? They spent all they had on these brand new mowers, the tool that literally sustains their business. And now they're gone.

Their post read, in part,

Please help me and my buddy get our equipment back. We spent all we got on it seriously. Any help would be appreciated. Toro Timecutter with a 54” inch deck & Bad Boy Avenger with a 61” deck. Please help us! It’s our first season and we can’t even mow because someone stole our stuff.

In the post they offered $1,000 to anyone who had information leading to the recovery of their stolen lawn mowers. If you're on the lookout, this is what the mowers look like:

Via Facebook/M&C Lawn Services Stolen Lawn Mowers
Via Facebook/M&C Lawn Services Stolen Lawn Mowers

So far, their post has over 5,000 shares. Hopefully with those shares, and this article, we can help a small town business find their stolen property and get back on their feet.

If you do have any information you can find M&C Lawn Services on Facebook, send an email to mandclawnservices@gmail.com, or give them a call at (269) 501-7893. 

Unfortunately, M&C Lawn Service's story isn't an anomaly. Earlier this week, a Yamaha bike was stolen from a Kalamazoo musician. Read their story below:

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