Have you ever been so angry about something that you just don't know how to release the anger safely?

Head to your local bakery, like Bert's and get yourself a large sheet cake!  Some of you probably know what I'm talking about after the SNL special with Tina Fey.

She has seriously created a whole new funny craze. I mean if you think about it, if every time someone got angry and just stuffed their face with cake, I'm going to say that world would be a lot less violent. I would also assume that Miguel Cabrera could use a sheet cake right about now after being suspended for 7 games from the Tigers-Yankees brawl the other night. This is so huge that there is a description of what sheet caking is in the urban dictionary. A friend of mine even told me she was invited to a sheet caking party. This is of course all in fun and I don't really suggest you eat a whole sheet cake because most likely your stomach wouldn't be very happy. Oh and a big thanks to Heather McGregor for her photography skills and providing the cake.

Heather McGregor/TSM
Heather McGregor/TSM

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