What a brilliant idea from the folks at Shakespeare's Pub downtown. We didn't have an Oberon Day this year as everything was shut down at the end of March and the start of this nightmarish pandemic.

Fast forward to this afternoon; we've been given a gift this past week with the seventy degree weather. Shakespeare's sets aside a keg of Oberon for Thanksgiving Eve, and Bell's says Oberon is a "taste of summer". Juxtapose the weather we've had this past week with it ending tonight with the passage of a powerful cold front, so why not?

Now, here's where this gets a little dicey: Social distancing. Having an Oberon today is fine, but remember, wear a mask, sanitize your hands, stay six feet apart from everyone, in other words, follow the rules.

Personally, I haven't been to Shakespeare's since the pandemic started, but we were at Bell's just a few steps away, just on Sunday, and they are being very, very careful. When entering the Eccentric Cafe, it's almost eerie, as there are only a few people inside, and all seating on Sunday was outdoors.

I was just looking at what I wrote last year for Oberon Day, and it has something to do with forgetting about the snow, it's Oberon Day. The pandemic is obviously worlds apart in terms of seriousness than some lingering snow in Michigan. Still, it is our "holiday". But in a year where the Stanley Cup and NBA championship were awarded in October, and the Masters, another spring tradition is being played this coming weekend, lifting a glass of Oberon might just be what you need.

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