After you read this, you may think I'm completely wrong. And you may be completely right. But, seriously? MLive reports a group of Michigan "This Is Us" fans took to social media last night because severe weather coverage on the local NBC station in Detroit cut off the beginning of "This Is Us".

I'm not sure exactly where to drop my trump card, so I'll do it here. The Detroit News says the National Weather Service confirmed three tornadoes last night in the metro Detroit area.

Now, viewer complaining about shows being cut off or pre-empted is nothing new. Hell hath no fury like soap opera fans in the 70's, when the Watergate hearings disrupted popular soaps like "The Guiding Light", "The Edge of Night" and "General Hospital"

Do we need more deadly tornadoes to remind people that tornadoes kill people. Not to mention that between on-demand features and services like Hulu, there's plenty of places to see the show in it's entirety.

Was I too harsh using the term "morons"? You decide. Last year, on the FICTIONAL show a major character was killed off, killed by a crock pot. Immediately This Is Us fans began throwing away their crock pots.