Earlier this month, people across Kalamazoo were shocked to find a staple of the community, Satellite Records, had abruptly closed its doors. Former employees sighted differences between themselves and management, which led to an entire staff resignation on May 3rd. Now it looks like they plan on reopening their doors within a month, after I received an email from someone associated with the record store, stating:

Satellite Records is not permanently closed. The store is planning to have a soft reopening the first or second week of June. We will then later have a grand reopening, potentially July 1st, to celebrate the store’s 5th anniversary at its current location as “Satellite Records”. (Specific dates will be posted on our social media accounts as the date approaches). 
The store has been around for 10 years —5 at its current location in the Vine Neighborhood. It was time for some revitalization and infusion of new and fresh ideas. New management, new employees, same owner, same store and location. We are trying to get our online store via “Discogs” up and running as well. If this opportunity seems interesting or exciting, we are hiring and looking to interview good applicants that are motivated and want to be a part of our Team. 
Satellite Records will continue to build its relationship with the Kalamazoo and Vine communities and is looking forward to the possibilities of the future. We would like to thank all of our customers and fans for their continued support, and would love to see them back again when the store reopens. 
So it looks as though they will be back in business before we know it. Their social media account will provide all the details of their official reopening.

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