One week ago, Satellite Records in the Vine Neighborhood in Kalamazoo quietly closed its doors for what could be the last time. According to a Facebook post from one of their former employees, there was a difference of opinion between staff and ownership and the entire crew quit. Kalamazoo's Sean Hartman explained:

"On Friday night, myself along with the entire staff of Satellite Records quit due to disagreements with the owner. The store is currently closed and may never re-open. This is both an exciting and terrifying time for me. It feels bizarre to end something I've put 10 years of hard work into. The store was more financially successful and better stocked than ever before. There was an incredible crew working there and we could have easily kept growing the business for years to come. I'm sad to see it go but looking forward to new opportunities. I've decided to move forward working for myself and selling records full time on Discogs. I only have a short window to get this business to the point where I can support my family from it. Any help from my record buying friends would be huge right now. You can buy from me on Discogs or schedule an appointment anytime to come dig through the stock in person. I'm currently working on listing a 15,000 piece collection of mostly Soul 45s and will also start stocking LPs soon. I'll link my Discogs page in the comments."

For now it seems Sean will be selling what he has in his collection here. There has been no information or posts from the Satellite Facebook page in a few weeks, so we will have to wait and see what the


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