Yes, Kalamazoo was named one of the most romantic cities in America.  But I think it goes deeper than this survey.

In a recent survey from Redbox Kalamazoo was ranked the 8 most romantic city in the nation based on the amount of romantic movies that were rented.

Forget romantic movies.  What about Craft Beer?  Nothing's more romantic than beer goggles followed by a hang over.  Am I right?

How about the old cliche' "cold hands, warm heart?"  Kalamazoo has been below freezing almost every day of 2019 so far.  That's a butt load of warm hearts.

And last but not least...Kalamazoo is clearly one of the most romantic cities in America because of the roundabouts.  Nothing gets that heart pumping like a near death experience on a Kalamazoo roundabout.

Oh yeah, we have cool places to go like Henderson's Castle, Kalamazoo Nature Center and the Air Zoo too.

Happy Valentine's Day Kalamazoo!

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