With the way gas prices are fluctuating these days, it's no wonder Kalamazoo residents are looking to cut costs, or at least share the cost, when it comes to getting around West Michigan. Even though most Michigan drivers are expected to receive a refund check from their auto insurance company, many experts say the cost of car insurance premiums are expected to increase by 6-15%.

If you're looking for a cheaper way to get to your destination, there are several different options for West Michigan riders. Which is your preferred method to get around town?

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These rideshare services are probably the most widely used apps when it comes to getting a ride. Both Uber and Lyft are prevalent throughout the Metro Kalamazoo area and the app can easily be downloaded to any smartphone. There are several options available so you can choose the ride that best suits your budget: a standard ride, XL for larger groups, luxury vehicle, or the rideshare option which will stop to pick up other passengers along the way while reducing the total cost of your ride. Of course, I know several Kalamazoo residents who have sworn off the app since the deadly Uber shootings in 2016.


Before we had Uber and Lyft, taxis were the standard way to get a ride. There are still many taxi companies that operate in the Kalamazoo area and a quick Google search will bring up more taxi companies than you can count on one hand! Here are just a few worth mentioning:

  • Robert's Taxi
  • Bronco Express
  • Godspeed Transportation
  • ABC Taxi
  • The Taxi Guy

Bus System

The Metro is the public bus system in Kalamazoo. Formerly called the Metro Transit, the system underwent major changes in 2018. The Metro currently operates 21 different routes Monday through Saturday and each bus can accommodate two bicycles and are wheelchair accessible. Because we live in the 21st century, you can now purchase your bus pass directly from your phone! Adult fares start at $1.50 with children's fares at 75 cents.

Metro Services

In addition to the public bus system, the Kalamazoo Metro also operates several ride-sharing services like Metro Connect- the Metro's own public rideshare service, Metro Share- a free service for seniors and those with disabilities, and KMetroRide- which provides carpooling and vanpooling matching assistance.


Depending on where you're going, you can probably get there on an Amtrak train-- even if its within Michigan! Amtrak operates several stops in Michigan, including one out of downtown Kalamazoo. Train stations served by Amtrak include New Buffalo, Dowagiac, East Lansing, Grand Rapids, Holland, Ann Arbor, and more! Some one-way fares can be as low as $8 for adults.

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