This is EXACTLY what we needed today. Puuuure puppy love.

This is Hello. A tiny little ball of love wrapped up in one of the cutest puppies I've ever met. She was rescued from a puppy mill, rehabilitated, and is now ready for her forever home.


Katie said Hello seemed a little hesitant around her cats and her bigger dog, which I mean...she weighs about 5 pounds. I would be too if I were that small. But, Katie went  on to say that Hello should be able to adapt to any home. If you need a reference, Hello decided to hop up on my desk today during her visit. She's about the length of my keyboard. If that!


However, Happy wasn't rescued alone. A total of 14 puppies were saved and are all available for adoption today.

The SPCA of SW Michigan is limited to a 10 person occupancy. If you're interested in a puppy, I would call and make an appointment to be safe. You can contact the SPCA here.

If you need that last little push to convince you that this is the sweetest pup that you definitely need in your she is curled up on my lap.


*cue squealing noises*

There are plenty of animals that need their forever home currently at the SPCA. If Hello isn't right for you but you'd like to see others that are available for adoption you can do so here.

And, as always, if you're not ready to adopt, but know someone who is, please share so that we can find these animals their new homes. ❤️

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