As I was driving around Kalamazoo yesterday I spotted a rare kind of deer that I haven't yet seen in the area. We all know that we have our fair share of deer in the area. As sad as it is, we all can't help but notice all of the deer that have been hit on the side of our roads. In fact, Portage is the 4th most place you're most likely to hit a deer in Michigan. But the one I saw yesterday, you'd have a hard time hitting.

Mark Frankhouse/ TSM
Mark Frankhouse/ TSM

I spotted a porcelain deer in someone's yard.

Now, I'm not sure what purpose putting a porcelain deer in your yard serves in a state that has an over population of real deer. What makes this one so rare is that this is the only porcelain deer I've ever seen in the Kalamazoo area. I guess the homeowner is just in touch with crafted nature. I'm curious what other porcelain animals other people have set up in their yard. This deer will serve as a reminder to me never take what we already have for granted.



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