In an alarming article, Fox 32 reports that Eaton Rapids had to close all public parks after over 40 razor blades were discovered at a local playground.

Isn't being a parent hard enough without having to worry about razor blades being placed where your children play? This is insane.

According to Eaton Rapids Police, several people found razor blades around the equipment at Howe Park on Monday afternoon. Before the police had even arrived, this group of people had already found 39 razor blades with 2 more being found by city staff. Obviously, this was very concerning and prompted city staff to search other parks. Sure enough, more blades were found at Grand Army of the Republic Island Park.

Those who discovered the razor blades at both parks indicated that it looked like they were placed there on purpose or to cause harm.

To be cautious, all public parks were closed in Eaton Rapids as city staff and police continued to search for additional blades. Thankfully, by Tuesday afternoon all parks were declared to be free from hazardous objects.

Today, citizens are welcome to return to their favorite local parks but, I wouldn't blame them for feeling slightly hesitant. Police are still investigating the incident. Two people, both teenage aged, were spotted at the park before the razor blades were discovered but it is unknown if they are involved.

I cannot fathom, for any reason, why someone would be compelled to try to harm children as they play but that's the crazy world we live in. Thank goodness, no one was injured this time. Be safe out there.

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