Michigan has so many places and destinations that for me, to pick out the prettiest of them all would be super hard, plus, I think I would be partial to pick one place over the other. Luckily, I don't have to do that. The people over at msn.com chose what they feel are the prettiest towns in every state. The town they feel is the most beautiful in Michigan is none other than...Holland!

As they describe on their site:
While it may be a continent away from its Dutch sibling, tulips still bloom in this town along Lake Michigan, the downtown is thriving, and its iconic red lighthouse is practically a town symbol.
Holland is a beautiful city on the shore of Lake Macatawa. The much-photographed Big Red Lighthouse stands by the channel that connects this lake to Lake Michigan. Nearby, the beachfront Holland State Park shelters deer and migratory birds. Windmill Island Gardens is home to De Zwaan, a centuries-old windmill. May’s Tulip Time Festival, recalling Holland’s Dutch roots, sees tulips blooming all over the city.

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