It's been over a month since a road rage incident caused a rollover crash in Portage. Now, police are seeking the public's help to identify the driver who is responsible.

Originally posted on the Portage Police Facebook page, the incident took place on March 23rd of 2021 where a man driving a black Chevy pickup had some sort of disagreement with a gold Honda Accord. Please put "disagreement" in heavy quotations because with road rage incidents anything could be the trigger.

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However, this escalated to the point where the Chevy kept blocking the Accord's attempts at changing lanes to get around him. The driver of the Chevy eventually slammed on the brakes causing the driver of the Accord to swerve suddenly. The Accord hit the median and rolled several times. There was a young child in the car who, thankfully, was okay. The driver was taken to the hospital with injuries that were minor but required multiple days of hospitalization.

The driver is described as:

  • A white male
  • Heavy set
  • Has gray hair
  • Has a beard

Below is the picture of the Chevy from the Portage Police's Facebook post:

Portage Police

As you can see, the license plate is difficult to make out. It's been over a month and this man has yet to be identified. However, if you have any tips that could identify the truck or the driver please contact the Portage Department of Public Safety at 329-4567, call the Silent Observer at 343-2100 or turn in tips online at

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