Andy McFarlan was beaten so badly by 18 year old Christian Hillman, on September 29th, that he has entered hospice, and is not expected to survive.

The incident happened in Cascade Township and there were no witnesses to the start of the incident but is reporting details of what one witness stated in court...

"Noah Bulkowski, 18, was riding an ATV and Hillman was on a off-road motorcycle, with no lights, when Bulkowski lost contact with Hillman.

Bulkowski called Hillman on a cell phone and quickly caught up to him. He saw Hillman stand alongside a man who was on his back with his arms and legs splayed out.

He saw Hillman kick the man once and heard him say "That's what you get for f------ with me."

Hillman and Bulkowski both left the scene as other motorists began to arrive. Bulkowski said Hillman later told him that the man had exited his truck and accused Hillman of "driving like a jack---."

It was stated in court that Christian claimed it "felt so good" to beat someone up. The beating was so brutal that Doctors say Andy is severely brain damaged.

I just can't imagine how someone can get so upset with a another persons driving that they beat the life out of them.

Triple A did a survey about road rage and the statics are startling...

80% of drivers expressed anger, aggression or road rage behind the wheel at least once in the past year.

  • 3% Ram or Bump another vehicle on purpose
  • 4% Get out of the vehicle to confront another driver
  • 12% Cut off another vehicle on purpose
  • 24% Block another vehicle from changing lanes
  • 33% Make anger gestures
  • 45% Honk to show annoyance or anger
  • 47% Yell at another driver
  • 51% Tailgate on purpose

We should all just take a breath and remember that nothing that happens on the road is worth dying for.




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