This Portage Northern science teacher uses TikTok to connect to students during the pandemic and got a huge following doing so.

Students know him as Mr. Olsen.  We know him as @mrjolsen on TikTok.  Justin Olsen currently has over 85.6 thousand followers on the popular social media app.

One of the videos that literally made me laugh out loud on Mr. Olsen's TikTok profile is when a former student issues a 5k follow challenge.  His video is a very accurate parody of a political ad and it is fantastic.  This video has nearly 900,000 views so far.

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In a video that already has over 420 thousand views Mr. Olsen is being pulled over by a police officer for speeding when the words "she doesn't even go here" are spoken.  This is part of his hilarious Millennial Phrases series.

His HUGE video following the same theme only this time with the famous movie quote "this one time in band camp" has been viewed nearly 3 million times.

At the end of the school year, Mr. Olsen posted this heartfelt video to his students receiving 210.7 thousand views.

We can't forget the cool science experiments.  This chemistry demo video has been viewed 75,000 times so far.


You can see more Justin Olsen videos by clicking here.

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