One of the most viewed TikTok creators in Southwest Michigan is blowing our minds with iPhone hacks.

Scott Polderman (@scottpolderman on TikTok) as of writing this article has just over 418.9 thousand followers and 1.2 million total video likes.  An entrepreneur from Portage, Scott has been running his own businesses since he was 17-years-old according to,

The longest running business that I have owned is U.S. Martial Arts, which I started in 1994 and continues today.

In addition to running his own businesses and helping people with social media marketing, Scott shares iPhone tricks.  These iphone hack videos are HUGE.  His videos are proof that we'll never know all of the things our smartphones can do.  Let's take a look at 3 of his most viewed videos on TikTok.  His most viewed video that has so far received 7.5 million views, is a simple trick using the maps app.

This is an iPhone hack that teens are praying their parents don't see.  Sorry kids.  With over 4.6 million views, they've probably watched Scott's video on how to see where you've been.

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OK, this is both creepy and interesting.  Did you know iPhones have a "live listen" feature?  Also, did you know that feature allows you to spy using your iPhone?  Well, at least 3.2 million people know this after watching the video below.

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