Whoa, wait a minute I didn't mean it like that. You guys have some twisted senses of humor. I can't endorse nor would I suggest that. I don't think that kind of thing is legal. However, if you guys want to literally get high in the sky around Kalamazoo, I found the tallest buildings in the city you can check out.

Emporis.com has put together a list of the tallest buildings Kalamazoo has and the the tallest building may surprise you. I thought for the longest time the Kalamazoo Building was the tallest building our city had, but according to this list it didn't quite make Number 1 on the list. In fact, it came 10 feet short of being the 5th tallest building at 102 feet. Here are our Top 5 tallest buildings:


1. Skyrise Luxury Apartments- 23 Floors, 230 ft. Built in 1982
2. Fifth Third Bank Building- 15 Floors, 190 ft. Built in 1930
3. Washington Square Co-op- 14 Floors, 141 ft. Built in 1984
4. Sprau Tower- 12 Floors, 133 ft. Built in 1967
5. Peregrine Tower- 9 Floors, 112 ft. Built in 1949

So if your courage is up perhaps you can get high up in the air by getting to the top of these buildings. I'm sure the sights are amazing. Sorry, not sorry if we tricked you. Also, if you're a little north, these are good places to get even higher in Grand Rapids.

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