Normally, a lost pet is not funny, but this one had me in tears from laughter.

Stopped by my local Biggby Coffee on Gull road Saturday night to treat myself to a Cafe Latte and I got the best treat ever...laughter!

While waiting for my coffee, I wondered over the "Community Board", they have up...


Then I saw a flier that caused me to cackle out loud!

The flier read...

"Slightly aggressive, but shy.

Has two black eyes, may have been in a fight.

Unique stripped tail, probably a tabby.

Won't eat regular cat food, loves the garbage.

Hates Collars. Most likely an indoor cat.

Does not know English."

I immediately went back to the counter to hear the story behind that flier!

Yaminah and Paul (the Baristas) explained that a regular, who works at Qdoba (just a few store fronts down the lane) stopped in and asked if he could put a flier. Yaminah said he "looked sad and concerned", and they of course said yes. Now usually, this gentleman stays to drink his coffee, but on this day, left right after posting the flier.

The staff at Biggby noticed the flier within a few minutes, and thought it was hysterical so they left it up for all to enjoy!

Enjoy I did!! I love a great joke, and this is classic! It's fun to find treats such as this one on a boring Saturday night!

Thank you Qdoba guy!


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