Grab a cup of Joe and help save an animal!

I recently discovered that at the Biggyby Coffee on Sprinkle road is helping to support our local SPCA of South West Michigan! Once a week is is 'Wednesday's Adopt Me Latte'. A special animal is featured and the coffee shop accepts donations for the SPCA and proceeds from the Latte go to the SPCA. How wonderful is that?!?

This is not the first of Biggby Coffee's support of our community in fact, giving back is a passion of the founders of the company. According to their web-site,, the Co-CEO's of Biggby Coofee truly believe in giving back because it helped them form this wonderful company, they call it "Return on Involvement" and it is a great story...

“Somebody—who we will not mention—helped us buy outdoor furniture that we couldn’t afford so we could welcome our customers who preferred to enjoy their beverages outdoors. I remember going home that night and collapsing in a chair and adding up all the people that helped us out. Tears just started flowing down my cheeks. I vowed at that moment in time, to always give back. This is something that manifests itself in our stores day in and day out. Giving is getting,” said Bob Fish

Thank you for giving back to our community. I know this is just one way that you help, but it touches my heart that you help animals (those that are not in control of their future).

Cheers to Biggyby Coffee, I will forever be a loyal customer!

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