Today is National Coffee Day, and here are the 5 best places to get a cup of Joe in Kalamazoo...

If you are a coffee drinker there really is nothing better then a great cup of coffee! Here are the 5 Best Coffee Joints in Kalamazoo. If you don't believe me, try them out for yourself!

Black Owl Cafe

Located at 414 Walbridge Street in Kalamazoo Township.

Erika S. told her opinion of the coffee house at

"One of the coolest coffee shop atmospheres I've encountered! With its dark accents, antique decor, and owl theme, this place exudes fall magic! It's a gorgeous place to cozy up with a hot drink in the colder seasons, especially now when the trees are changing colors. Or if the weather is still warm outside, settle down anywhere on their large and charming setup of wood benches and garden chairs. It's hipster without being exclusive"

Water Street Coffee Joint

Located at 315 East Water Street, Kalamazoo.

Susanne V. posted on

'My favorite coffee stop in Kalamazoo!  So much better than the chains in town and the place is adorable (small, but adorable).  We always get it to go but they do have a fair amount of seating.  If you hit it at the "wrong" time, you do need to be prepared to wait but it's worth it and they try to pump through orders very quickly.  Our favorite is to stop in and get lattes, teas and their amazing breakfast burritos before Saturday morning tennis. "

Coexist Cafe

Located at 2901 Howard Street, Kalamazoo

Randon V. posted his thoughts about the coffee house on and said...

"By far my favorite coffee shop in kalamazoo at the moment! Amazing coffee made in traditional styles and sizes and a few surprises!
Sunny, perfect spot to catch up with friends or brighten your techno-errands."

Walnut and Park

Located at 322 W. Walnut Street, Kalamazoo

Stena B. wrote about her experience on

"Great service,  yummy coffee, and the decor/vibe inside is chic and cozy. If you're looking for outdoor patio seating downtown - this is the place to be!"

Fido Motors Cafe

Located at 1415 Fulford Street, Kalamazoo

N Y. reported on ...

"Fido Motors Cafe is the kind of coffee shop I wish lived near me. Nestled in the same first floor as their unique start-up motor bike business, the cafe is a delight at every level. From their creative DIY design that riffs off of their studio work  to the wonderfully placed interior windows that allow us to see the manufacturing of the motor bikes to the coffee bar where I was served a perfectly made dry cappuccino, this place rocks!"


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