If you haven't found this new trend on TikTok, allow me to get you up to speed. The latest fad to sweep social media is: permanent jewelry.

You may be curious as to what "permanent jewelry" even means, but don't overthink it because it's just that; jewelry you can't take off.

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Why Permanent?

Upon seeing this trend come across my TikTok page I was also curious as to why someone would want to wear a specific piece of jewelry 24/7. Turns out the answer is twofold: the first being how awkward it can be to put jewelry on yourself, especially bracelets!

The second, and this is something I constantly find myself struggling with, is the clasp of your necklace is always showing. Like I said I'm constantly fidgeting with my necklace because I'm paranoid that the unsightly clasp is showing! Both problems can be solved with permanent jewelry.

How Does It Work?

Your permanent jewelry technician will literally weld your bracelet, anklet, necklace, etc. to custom-fit your body meaning that jewelry isn't going anywhere until you're ready to take it off. When that time does come, however, you'll be able to break your chain using an extra-tough pair of heavy-duty scissors.


Permanent Jewelry in West Michigan

There are several companies throughout West Michigan that offer permanent jewelry pop-ups or in-house appearances at parties (move over Botox parties!) If you're ready to make this commitment with your BFF, sibling, mother, etc. here's where to find welders throughout West Michigan:

Linked With Joy

Based in Southwest Michigan you can find them at pop-ups in places like Vicksburg, Hamilton, or Zeeland, or you can book them for an individual appointment or party online. Prices range from $29 for bracelets to $49 for necklaces.

Chain: By Hammer & Stain

Chain offers permanent jewelry events throughout West Michigan. Offering bracelets, anklets, and necklaces in 14K Gold Filled and Sterling Silver you can find them at local boutique pop-up events or schedule your own private party. Pricing ranges from $45-$115 depending on the jewelry chosen.

Dime & Regal

This Grand Rapids shop now offers permanent jewelry fittings in-store. Referring to them as "eternity bracelets" their site says,

Appointments can accommodate up to 3 people, so bring your friends, mom, spouse, BFF, BF or GF... these eternity bracelets are the ULTIMATE friendship or promise pieces!

Prices at Dime & Regal range anywhere from $80 to $250 depending on the material chosen.


Are you ready to take the plunge and commit to permanent jewelry?

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