Okay, it figures that the weekend that I go to Traverse City to spend the weekend with my brothers, Paris Hilton decided to show up and share all the glory. This weekend was supposed to be a lavish celebration for my brother's 21st birthday, but our day on the boat got rained out after Paris Hilton stole all the sunshine on Friday the 7th, having spent the day on a lake in Traverse City. She took to her Instagram with the headline, "#LakeLiving with my love. ✨💙😍😍💙."

Aw how cute. But after Paris Hilton drove away the sunshine and brought in a full day of storms on Saturday (purely speculation), my brothers and I decided we would spend our day hitting balls instead. The funny thing was that I ran into some people from Kalamazoo while going video golfing. The people next to us have family up there like myself, and so I took the opportunity to get a photo opp with them before taking off.

The couple were super cool and did nowhere as terrible at video golfing as I did. Either way, Paris Hilton is probably too high class for that sort of middle class entertainment. She posted another selfie on her Instagram while spending time up north, but I'm sure left to go to her next exotic location for her rich vacation life soon after.

I did manage to capture my own picture of Paris Hilton. Well, not really. It's a picture of a beautiful view of Traverse City Friday evening. But know that somewhere in this picture, in that area, Paris Hilton was there, not giving a crap about any of us.

TSM/Mark Frankhouse
TSM/Mark Frankhouse
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