If you're still using alarm clocks, you'll want to set your alarm on your phone and make sure it's charged before the early morning of August 13th. The city is planning a power outage for upgrade reasons which will knock power out for the whole area. In a Facebook post on the 12th they explained the full purpose of the outage.

There will be a planned outage affecting 1,400 customers in the early morning hours of August 13. The outage will start around 11pm on August 12 and will last until approximately 4am – 5 am on August 13. Consumers Energy is doing some upgrades on the substation on Island Avenue.

Below is a map showing the affected area. All customers have been notified via US Mail and priority/business customers will receive an email notification of the outage.

Naturally this pretty common procedure was met with frustration from multiple people on the post:

And what about people who do not use facebook and the only notice they got was that postcard that only said before the end of August...[sic]


At night?! Wtf?! I thought it would be daytime, so we could make arrangements. No lights for kids to go potty or fans/AC for sleeping!!!!


So glad we got a whopping day's notice. No AC no fan and No Baby Monitor...all my food going to spoil....FFS


Why at night? I need air-conditioning and use of my CPAP machine to sleep. Will consumer pay for a night at the Raddison?

Looks like this basic procedure is causing huge problems for...literally everyone in Parchment.

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