It's October so that means the spooky season is officially upon us. The sun is starting to set earlier, the leaves are beginning to change colors, scary movies are coming out, and the stores are stocking their shelves with all things Halloween. One of the biggest parts of Halloween is the making or buying of a costume. People spend all year thinking of costume ideas for themselves and either make or buy their costumes to wear on Halloween night/weekend.

Now that I've grown up a little bit and I'm into early adulthood I've realized that there are stages of costume wearing and it's all based upon your age. Obviously, the younger you are the less control you have over your costume but even toddlers mostly want to be superheroes, animals, athletes, doctors, etc. Then the older "kids" want to get a little more creative and be certain characters or people to an exact, and then there are the adult stages. The older you become and the less you care about Halloween and the more you just want someone to laugh at your costume or just simply think it's cool.

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Animals for the most part aren't included in the spooky season activities, well unless they are pets. Owners love to spend as much time on their pet's Halloween costumes and experiences as they do for themselves and their families. They will make sure they have the cutest little costumes, go out for a walk during the trick or treating, and even get them a boatload of treats. Domestic animals on the other hand probably try to avoid all the noise, cars, and weird people around this time, except for this squirrel in Parchment, Michigan that decided to join the festivities this year.

In a Facebook post, a squirrel looks to be wearing a ghost costume and getting ready to have his own trick-or-treating fun. Maybe he's planning to be a part of one of the many haunting experiences here in the area or he's just hitting the town for some costume bar-hopping. Either way, this is a never before the seen image that makes me laugh my butt off.

Turns out the squirrel is a Piebald squirrel and they are born this way due to a genetic mutation. Humans are used to squirrels being mostly one color or maybe two and the colors normally don't mix in the pattern that these colors mix. The Piebald squirrel is mostly brown and gray but has white fur on its back and head creating the image that I painted earlier.

Pet-O-Ween 2020


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