You'll probably want to grab your tissues for this one. The Oxford High School community has shown so much strength and resilience in the face of the tragic events on November 30, 2021 when a 15 year-old student opened fire while classes were in session, killing 4 students and wounding 8 other people.

In the wake of this tragedy, classes were delayed and students didn't return to the building until late January. The school has also updated its policies including requiring clear backpacks for all middle and high school students, in addition to an increased police presence on campus and additional cyber tools to monitor credible student threats.

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Despite all the turmoil of this high profile case involving the Crumbley family, staff, students, and parents in the Oxford schools community are trying their best to move forward while also honoring the legacy of their fallen classmates, and the Oxford Cheer Team came up with a moving tribute.

In a video shared by Denise Hoinka on social media, you are able to see the strength and resilience of these students as they performed a routine in their classmates' honor. Writes Denise,

"Oxford's Cheer team may not have scored high enough at the regional competition to advance to the State Finals... but they won the hearts of the crowd and earned a standing ovation for their tribute to their fallen classmates... I heard everyone around me echoing my thoughts of how remarkable it is that these girls had such a great season after what they've just gone through."

As you watch this video, listen for the names of the four deceased students:

  • Tate Myre, 16
  • Madisyn Baldwin, 17
  • Hana St. Juliana, 14
  • Justin Shilling, 17

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