Hello. Me am a local pupper/ doggo and me not really understand what happening in world right now but me like. In facto, udder puppers, doggos, and even kitters likin' that the human spend more time around house and give us more snackos. Me hopin' that the human continue to be around us a lot more from now on. I am fan of the extra rub on the belly me been receivin' on the regular.

Me thinking, that me so cute and adorable that human can no longer be standin' to not be around me all of the times. So human decided, "Me no need to heckin leave all the time, so me just stay home with best friend." My human awesome. Yesterdays, they brought home many, many white tear apart roll for me to make mess of and me had best time ever. Me think my human was happy too because they was running around and make lots of noises at me. Anyway, on behalf of duggos of Michigan, we thank human for being home more.

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