Dear Person Singing In Your Car,
We see you out here. Playing loud, upbeat music that you're completely immersed in. We see the fact that you give zero f**** who is around you or who may be watching you sing your heart out to music that is hitting your heart. We can see that this music is speaking to you, and your natural response is to scream out the lyrics to the windshield of your car. We can see that you're now totally embarrassed that we just caught you having a moment to yourself, and we are now pointing and laughing at you and making fun of your enjoyment.

I guess what we don't see is the daily burden you carry in your heart. The woes of your personal life that have been eating away at you for months. We can't see how normally you're a great singer, but have been sick all summer and have lost your voice, and are trying to get it back. We can't see the hours of tears that well up at night when all the hurt inside comes bursting out of you. We don't see how that moment you just had in your car is the release from all your troubles and responsibilities for day, your healthy way to escape your own mind. We also don't see just how much that music means and is helping you.

Maybe we'll start recognizing it from now on and let you have your fun. Maybe instead of pointing and laughing, we'll smile and throw the horns your way. Yesterday that person in their car was me, and ya, I was singing like a fool. But this fool does everything for everyone else, everyday, and for a little bit I was doing something for my heart. To lift me back up. Just remember life is hard and people who sing the loudest are trying to tell you something. So listen.

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