This Ohio woman is making so much money off of her toenails she quit her job 12 years ago.

This all began in 2006 when Arinda Storm Weaver was documenting her personal fight against breast cancer on her blog.  She was shocked by the amount of comments about her long nails.  This some how lead to her selling videos of her disturbingly long toenails.  By 2008 she was able to quit her job as an account manager at a manufacturing plant and live off of her toenail money according to

Apparently, there is a community of long nail lovers willing to pay $14.39 for a 10 minute video clip of her toenails at work.  Why $14.39?  $14.40 just asking too much?  And what exactly are her toenails doing in these videos?  They're busy popping bubble rap or just tapping on the floor.

Before you get any bright ideas and start your own talon video selling business.  You should know that this 58-year-old Columbus, OH woman rarely goes out because she can only wear sandals.  In fact, she no longer drives due to her little piggies and their large tops.  She can't even wear tops with buttons because she also has very long finger nails.  Below is a video of Weaver's very long fingernails and toenails from Daily Mail.

We're not sure how much money she makes a year off of her toenail business.  However, it's clearly her jam.  She's been able to live off of her digits without having another job for the last 12 years.

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