An Ohio company is making our inner child's dreams come true by delivering school-style pizzas to homes across the United States.

Anyone who attended public school likely has the same shared fond memories of pizza day at school. The smell stretching through the hallways as the anticipation for the squared delight reached a fever pitch. The rush to the cafeteria as the lunch bell echoed through classrooms and halls.

There was always one friend that brought lunch to school who would go get a table for the rest of the group. Meanwhile, everyone else waited in the cafeteria lunch line for their chance to score nearly every school-aged kid's lunchtime favorite.

Now one Ohio company is offering to ship the ubiquitous school lunchtime staple to homes across the U.S. Gunther's Meat & Seafood Company will ship not one style of school pizza but three different versions of the very much American slice of pie.


The traditional school pizza consists of a rectangle slice covered in a tomato sauce with pepperoni and cheese. Gunther's will ship a frozen pack of their school-style pizza to your home for your on-demand fulfillment. Click here to check it out.... it looks exactly as you remember it. 


Yes, some schools indeed served up breakfast pizza. Unlike its lunchtime counterpart, this pizza used country gravy and turkey sausage to accompany gooey cheese. Click here to scope out the school breakfast pizza.


A fiestada is what happens when you combine two all-time favorite foods. Tacos and pizza. These meat-covered octagon slices combine a cheese blend with various taco-styled fixings on top. You can find more on this delicacy by clicking here.

Why Food Memories Are So Strong

What is it about school pizza that brings back such fond memories? Food memories are so strong because they utilize each of our senses. When smell, taste, sight, sound, and touch combine you end up with a vivid memory. That combined with the memories of a simpler time without the responsibilities, demands, politics, and even a pandemic that we face today as adults.

I have yet to try these frozen delights so I can not say whether they are as good the memory many of us hold dear. I do however plan to place an order soon so check back later for a review.

While pizza remains a staple of school lunchrooms, there have been many changes over the years. Scroll down to see the changes. Nostalgia included.

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