With everything else going on we still have to worry about many of the things we've always worried about.  And considering the situation we're in, as in having to stay in, (that's a lot of ins) we'll undoubtedly want to be outside much more in the weeks and months to come.

Two years ago is was the stink bugs and how to get rid of them.  This year it's the Murder Hornet.  I know, I know, the Midwest invasion isn't upon us and I hope it never is.  At any rate, we will be facing many of the same insect issues here in our area as we always have and one of those is ticks.

From my experience there's never been a real problem with ticks.  We've had dogs for over 30 years and I've probably removed 3 or 4.  We never had any problems with the kids growing up and my wife and I have only caught a couple on each other in the 36 years we've been together.

But you know what they say.  When you least expect it...  pets.org does their annual tick forecast and conditions will prevail that should increase the tick population in our area due to warmer than average temperatures.  For the most part they're just a creepy nuisance but, as you know, they can carry several kinds of diseases.  Now is not a good time to contract any more diseases.

Ticks are already here so take the necessary precautions like repellent with DEET, if you are in a heavily wooded, brush-filled area, wear the proper clothing and check each other out after you come out of the woods to make sure you don't have any "passengers".  I know people don't really pay that much attention but if you've ever known someone who contracted one of the diseases from ticks, you'd be on a much higher alert.  I have and I am.

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