So I'm driving down Gull Road to run an errand downtown. And as I'm passing Big Moe's, there this incredible white smoke coming from a big metal cooker.

Big Moe's
Big Moe's on Gull Rd. Photo: Dave Benson Used by permission

I dare you to drive by it and not start jonesing for ribs.

This is a simple and brilliant way to promote your product; drive people crazy! They don't teach it in marketing classes, but they should. Big Moe's should teach the Master's class, and  then maybe feed the class, afterwards.
When I was a kid growing up on the west side of Chicago, we lived not too far away from the Ferrara Pan Candy Company. When the wind was blowing in the right direction, or if I was with my dad driving by, that was the sweetest, most tantalizing smell. This is about the same. Thank you, Big Moe's, for driving me crazy.