5 tools that will set you up for New Year's resolution success.

According to Elite Daily, the top three resolutions we make are to lose weight, save money and get organized.  The following products focus on these three areas:

1. Evernote is a free downloadable application for your computer.  It does have a paid version for more advanced users who need more storage space.  The free version includes everything you need to get started, though.  The beauty of Evernote is you can save just about anything —pictures, documents, notes, etc. — all in one place.

This application can help you get organized with all of your projects, whether it’s writing that book you’ve always wanted to write, keeping your expense receipts all in one place, organizing your clients or collecting ideas to renovate your home.Evernote is the ultimate organizational tool for people who are on the go.  For a free organizational application, it is by far the best one on the market.

2. Each week, Passion Planner provides motivational quotes, an area to brainstorm, both personal and professional to-do lists to fill out and a place to reflect on what went well that week.  It also provides a space at the top of each day for you to write your focus.  Each time you open Passion Planner, you are reminded to stay on track.  Passion Planner also has a “Pay It Forward” system, where you can either provide a planner for someone who may need one but cannot afford it, or you can sign up to receive one.

3.  Self-Help Books: There are two personal development books on the market right now that can dramatically help you create resolutions and follow through with them successfully. “7 Steps To Being A Phenomenal Woman” is a motivational self-help book for women that will get you motivated and organized in every area of your life. It’s definitely not a boring read. This is a must-have for any woman looking to accomplish something in 2016. “The Power of Habit” was listed as one of the top 10 personal development books for men to read. This book provides research on why and how we develop habits, how to break those habits and how to replace them with new ones.  It isn’t just a dry “how-to” book.

4.  MyFitnessPal is a free app and a critical asset for anyone looking to lose weight in 2016.  You start off by creating a profile where you choose your goals.  You not only write your goal weight, but also how quickly you want to lose pounds.  You then start logging your food as you eat it, and it gives you a breakdown of nutrients and calories for everything you eat. You will also enter any exercise you do that day, and it subtracts out the calories you burned off.  It tells you if you are on track for meeting your weight loss goals.

5. Mint is a free website and mobile app that keeps track of your finances for you. Once you load in your bank account information, it automatically tracks and reports your spending habits to you in real time. This gives you a quick glance at how much money you are spending on food, gas, clothing and anything else.

For those with a New Year’s resolution of spending less and saving more, this application will allow you to see which areas you are spending the most and help you adjust your budget accordingly. Mint also allows you to track your bills, making it easy to never miss a due date again.  You can also add your credit cards, investments and anything else financial you would like to track.

Photo by: Christy Thompson/ThinkStock