Reading about a new Michigan program for people ages 14-24 sounds like a paid internship, and quite an opportunity to grab, if possible.

The Summer Young Professionals Employment Program is a new, $2 million dollar effort by the state, as a means of introduction into the world of work for "under-represented" youth, according to the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity.

The agency says this program's goal is to reduce youth unemployment and place young adults in the 14-24 age group "on the right path to gain the skills necessary to achieve lifelong economic self-sufficiency." The people who participate in this initiative will get "stipends for career exploration and preparation or wages earned for participation in work experiences."

Reading through the carefully worded release, this program appears to be for those who have either actually dropped out of the process or are not participating in it actively.

“We recognize that engagement, or lack thereof, in educational activities is a critical factor why many young adults are not participating in the labor market,” said Stephanie Beckhorn, LEO's Deputy Director of Employment and Training. “This initiative provides young adults with a pathway toward multiple career and educational opportunities such as entering a Registered Apprenticeship program, earning an associate or bachelor’s degree and obtaining sustainable employment.”  - MDLEO

If you have someone in your household who fits this description, you and/or they need to contact Michigan Works!

Here's the thing about program. It's a chance to try out several different opportunities. One of those opportunities may connect with the person and they might just find their passion, and then, this program is a win-win.

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