If you love docu-series like "Making a Murderer" and "Serial", there's a new Netflix series, "The Innocence Files", that "dropped" today,  and one episode has a tie to Western Michigan University and its Cooley Law School's Innocence Project.

Episode No. 9 is "The Million Dollar Man". It tells the story of Kenneth Wyniemko.

Wyniemko was convicted of a 1994 criminal sexual conduct, breaking and entering, and armed robbery, in Clinton Township, Michigan. The victim had very little opportunity to view the assailant, but Wyniemko was still convicted based on the victim’s identification and a government informant. None of the physical evidence linked Wyniemko to the crime scene. And Wyniemko’s attorney only had two days to prepare for trial.  - WMU Cooley Law School press release.

The story tells Wymienko battle to be exonerated, and explains how the WMU-Cooley Innocence Project obtained post-conviction DNA testing in 2003. "With assistance from Attorney Gail Pamukov, Wyniemko’s conviction was overturned and all charges were dismissed by Macomb County prosecutors on June 17, 2013. Five years later the actual perpetrator was identified through the DNA data bank," according to a WMU-Cooley release.

(Netflix via YouTube)

“Learning more about the story behind Ken’s wrongful conviction will be shocking,” - Marla Mitchell-Cichon, director of WMU-Cooley’s Innocence Project.

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