May 18th is National Pizza Party Day and normally I don't get into "national whatever days," but when there's pizza involved that's a whole other story. I haven't had a legit pizza party in years and I think I am overdue for one. Kalamazoo has its fair share of pizza places around that can provide everything we need to have our party pop off. I took to Facebook to ask what some of the best pizza places around are so I can narrow down my decision. Here are the top 10 places that made the list:

1. Erbelli's
2. Jets
3. Hungry Howie's
4. Jaspare's
5. Kalamazoo Pizza Company
6. Bimbo's
7.Cottage Inn
8. Bruno's
9. Pizza Hut
10. Happy's

I know it's almost sac-religious but I have yet to even try Erbelli's Pizza so I think I'm gonna have to go there to cater my pizza party needs. Anywhere you decide to go to have your party have some fun and save me a slice cause I'm making my rounds!




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