I recently saw a tweet from two future "Parents Of The Year," Jordan & Justin Garton, who decided they loved Olive Garden so much they decided to name their future daughter Olivia Garton. Yep... that's taking a big, unlimited leap of faith.

I started to think of some super awesome names you could give to your children right here in Kalamazoo so you can also be as intelligent and cool as these two. You can credit me later:

Bella Brewer. I mean, with their extensive selection of beers and the cafe's amazingly creative food concoctions, this is almost the go-to name for any proud Kalamazoo parent to bestow on their child.

Mark Frankhouse/TSM

Mia Pablo. Honestly...with a $8.99 endless taco bar on the weekend, how could anyone with Latino back-round in Kzoo NOT want to name their darling angel after this plethora of delicious Mexican cuisine?

Ed Grey/TSM

Ribby Fester. One of the, if not the biggest party of the year in Kalamazoo. I can see it now....BBQ sauce dribblin' from your cheek, so full you can barely move. Conditions are perfect to create a child and immortalize the very place where it all began. They'll always be your "Hickory Smoked" bundle of joy.

Now is your chance to make Kalamazoo history. What are some of your favorite places to eat in Kalamazoo? Or should I ask, what will your future child's name be?