Warning: This article contains partial male nudity in the freezing cold.

A video likely recorded last Tuesday of a man wearing nothing but a Panda mask while rollerblading down I-670 in Columbus, Ohio has gone crazy viral.  I think the funniest quote about this bare naked bear so far has come from the Ohio Department of Transportation that I found at NBC4i.com,

Pedestrians are not permitted on interstate highways.  There are signs posted at all the entrance ramps. This is a safety issue.

I understand the spokesperson for the ODOT has to remain professional.  However, "pedestrians are not permitted" is how you're responding to the video below?  (Warning: you are about to see a man's bear...I mean bare butt.)

(Click here to see the video if it's not embedded above.)

The day that this Panda Express entertained commuters, Tuesday, December 15th, 2020, it only got up to 34° in Columbus, OH at it's warmest part of the day.  That temperature seems un-bear-able to rollerblade with clothes on.

The police are still attempting to identify the naked panda.  However, I'm pretty sure facebook solved this mystery days ago.  Lexi Bae shared this video saying, "The awesome Panda- Hoodpandatv."  In the about section of HoodPandaTV's facebook page it says,

The clown prince of rollerblading and naked panda hehe

It sounds like an admission of sorts.  His email address is: hoodpanda614@gmail.com.  614 is the area code for Columbus, Ohio.  This maybe a an open and shut case.  All except for a possible nasty case of frost bitten niblits.

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