October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the best thing you can do for yourself is making sure your breasts are healthy.

Most women wait until they are 50-years-old to get their first mammogram but, some women get screened at age 45 (that would be this girl, me).  If the results come back normal at age 45, then you can wait until age 50 before getting another.

I was lucky enough to have a GREAT experience with having a mammogram performed. It was PAINLESS (I know, that is something you rarely hear), it was informative (the technician explained every step along the way), and it was quick!

I am so glad I had it done, and I seriously encourage everyone over the age of 45 to have it done. It is covered by most insurances and the peace of mind it gives you is priceless.

Now ladies, just because you are not 45 yet (lucky ducks), there are other things you need to be doing to detect cancer and keep yourself safe.

Nationalbreastcancer.org recommends 3 steps to early detection of breast cancer that can find the cancer before it spreads.

  1. Symptoms & Signs - "Early warning signs of breast cancer may involve the discovery of a new lump or a change in the breast tissue or skin".
  2. Perform A Self Breast Exam - "Women should perform a self breast-exam each month and any changes or abnormalities should be discussed with a doctor or physician".
  3. Clinical Breast Exams - "A clinical breast exam is performed by a qualified nurse or doctor. A healthcare professional will check for lumps or other physical changes in the breast that may need to be investigated".

Ladies, your family needs you, your friends need you, and overall the world needs you. So PLEASE, take care of you!

Meet the Technician, and watch the  mammogram in real time


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