The cannabis industry in Michigan has sure come a long way since we first adopted medical marijuana policies in 2008! Now that both medical and recreational marijuana is legal in the Mitten it seems like you'll find a dispensary located on nearly every corner.

However, one thing we don't have here in the Great Lakes State yet are cannabis consumption lounges-- yet.

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Although Michigan is one of nine states who have opted to allow legal consumption lounges, there is certainly a lot of red tape surrounding these businesses and we have yet to see a lounge officially open to the public.

Entrepreneurs Cory Roberts along with brothers Edgar and David Ramon are hoping to change that within the coming year. The three developers have started a new business venture that will no doubt ignite the cannabis industry in Michigan, and perhaps the rest of the country!

Fields Cannary

The trio has purchased the former Sons of Norway lounge in Muskegon, which just so happens to be located at 420 Harvey Street, with plans to turn it into the state's,

first vertically integrated, all encompassing, cannabis hospitality business

The new venture called Fields Cannary will feature an on-site cultivation and extraction facility, in addition to a dispensary, consumption lounge, restaurant/bar, event space, and live outdoor amphitheater. Truly one-stop shopping at its finest!

In addition to renovating the existing 11,000-square-foot building for use as retail space, the developers plan to build a 10-14,000 square-foot eco-friendly greenhouse facility with the hopes of neutralizing their carbon footprint.

VR Cannabis

What I also found interesting is the immersive aspect the trio hopes to bring to their new business. Just like breweries offer behind-the-scenes tours, Edgar Ramon says their facility plans to use VR goggles for guests to "tour" their cultivation facilities to see the grow operation without ever setting foot in the facility itself.

Ramon told Michigan Cannabis Trail,

People can spend as much time here as possible – they’ll be entertained, they’ll be fed, and they’ll have an immersive experience

Construction is set to begin later this month with the hopes of a 2023 grand opening. I can't wait to see this project come to life!

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