A Man from Hastings, MI turned green into green.  Find out how a Mountain Dew addict won the lotto.

There's no doubt that I am a Mountain Dew addict.  But it never occurred to me to buy lotto tickets every time I return my cans.

Dana Marshall, Mountain Dew
Dana Marshall loves his Mountain Dew in an unnatural way.

According to MLive.com,

Mitch Gillions, a retired Michigan Department of Corrections employee, bought the winning ticket for the March 19 drawing at the One Stop Shop in Hastings.

"Mountain Dew is my favorite pop and each day I take 10 empty cans to the store and use the money to buy a Fantasy 5 ticket," said Gillons. "It's something I've done for years and this time it really paid off.

Gillions won $223,916 from the Fantasy 5 jackpot from the Michigan Lotto.  I'm not a math whiz, but that can buy a lot of Mountain Dew.

I'll be returning my cans after the show this morning.  I'm inspired to turn green into green.

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