Let's get to know the happy newlyweds and find out if this marriage between an Indiana man and a Mountain Dew is legal.

Sure, this is a brilliant marketing ploy from the creative department of Mountain Dew or Pepsi-Cola company.  And yes, we're all just feeding the hyper, over-caffeinated beast by talking about it. However, can we ignore the fact that an Indiana man just became world-famous by marrying a can of Hard Mountain Dew?  Can this relation-sip last or will it fizzle out?

Let's first meet the groom, Thomas Rank.

Rank is a 25-year-old human man that lives in Avon, Indiana, and works in Human Resources.

Now let's meet the bride, Hard Mountain Dew.

I don't mean to gender assume, but cut me some slack, it's an aluminum can.  Hard Mountain Dew Seltzer is a malt beverage with zero added sugar according to FindMeaBrewery.com.  This newish Mountain Dew drink for people 21 years of age or older was born on Feb 22nd, 2022.  That makes her 8 months old.  That is quite an age gap.

So, is this marriage legal and why did it happen in the first place?

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The legal side of this is both complicated and simple at the same time.  There is technically no law against marrying an object according to LawLex.org,

There are no specific laws relating to this, as it’s not possible to marry an inanimate object- although that hasn’t stopped people from enjoying such wedding.

Some states still require a blood test before marriage.  That's simply not possible with a can of pop.  Another speed bump on the drive to marital bliss is consent.  All states require both parties give consent to be married.  In summary, you won't go to jail for attempting to marry a Mountain Dew, however, it's clearly not a legal marriage in the eyes of the court.

So, why did this happen in the first place?  Marketing!

Apparently, Mountain Dew raised the question "Dew you love Hard Mountain Dew enough to marry it?"  One brave Hoosier stepped forward and said, "I Dew."  And Mountain Dew paid for the Vegas ceremony along with other stuff according to WTHR,

Rank and a friend received travel and hotel accommodations for two nights in Vegas, a celebratory reception at a top Vegas club, $1,000 cash as a wedding gift and, of course, some Hard Mtn Dew.

There is a bit of bad news if this marriage doesn't work out.  Since the marriage isn't legal, he can't get half of Hard Mountain Dew's assets after the divorce.  But if they had kids, which parent would they call pop?

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