One of the members of the legendary Motown soul group the Four Tops alleges outrageous mistreatment by a Detroit, Michigan hospital.

Alexander Morris walked into Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital in Warren with complaints of having trouble breathing and chest pain last April.  Morris was allegedly met with incredibly concerning treatment.  This situation led Morris to file a Federal lawsuit Monday.

A member of the hospital staff allegedly told Alexander Morris to "sit his Black ass down" and ordered a mental evaluation when he told them who he was.  While speaking with a nurse and security guard, Morris was trying to communicate his need for privacy because he is a member of the legendary Motown group the Four Tops.  The staff did not believe he was Alexander Morris of the Four Tops so they made the assumption that he was mentally ill.

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Alexander Morris had this to say about the incident during a Press Conference according to the Detroit News,

In February, I was performing at (the Grammys at an event) honoring Barry Gordy and Smokey Robinson. Two months later, I'm in a (straitjacket) in the city I grew up in, my identity being denied and I'm being told that I'm insane or schizophrenic.


Morris was eventually released from restraints and the mental evaluation was canceled after his wife showed a nurse a video of him singing on stage with the Four Tops.  The Four Tops singer had been restrained for over 90 minutes.  The hospital apologized by offering the singer a $25 Meier gift card.  Meanwhile, treatment for his actual medical issue was greatly delayed.

Keep in mind, that we only know about this alleged incident because the victim is a singer of the Four Tops.  Another security guard at the hospital said that there is a history of this behavior as well as people tampering with the incident reports.

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