Michigan's Trash Panda's take center stage to teach us all a lesson

Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) have hit the jack-pot with their new mascots! They are called the Michigan Recycling Raccoon Squad.

The Michigan Recycling Raccoon Squad features six “talking” raccoons that each focuses on a particular recyclable:

  • Nyla P. Lastic (plastic)
  • Carlos Cardboard (cardboard)
  • Precious Metale (metal)
  • Paper MacKay (paper)
  • Gladys Glass (glass)
  • Frank (everything else)

One of the Know It Before You Throw It campaign’s highlights is a TV commercial featuring the Recycling Raccoons educating a homeowner on her recycling habits. The ads have become fan favorites and are surpassing EGLE’s expectations.

These raccoons are also educating people that didn't even know that they need some help recycling the correct way.

According to the Detroit Free Press...

The commercial was filmed on a makeshift set at a Lansing-area home with two professional raccoon “actors” – George and Boomer – EGLE hired to play the roles of all six squad members.

Due to their popularity, you can expect to see them all across the state on local TV stations. It was only a matter of time before a company advantage of these cute creatures.

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